Wear Your Advocacy: Turning Inspiration into a Movement

Wear Your Advocacy: Turning Inspiration into a Movement

Welcome to the Rep Your State of Mind Podcast!

Hey everyone! Please join me in celebrating the first episode of the Rep Your State of Mind podcast!

I'm Michelle Crawford, and I'm thrilled to take you on this inspiring journey from my days as a cannabis health coach & mentor to launching my own advocacy apparel brand.

This episode is all about turning inspiration into action and designing change one shirt at a time 💪.


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My Journey into Cannabis Advocacy

I’ve been passionate about cannabis health for almost a decade now 💚.

I started as a DIYer in beautiful California, then became a health coach and educator, worked as a Graduate Mentor at Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI) for over two years, and along the way, I noticed a significant gap in the market....

People wanted to advocate for cannabis *without* constantly having to verbalize their stance.

This realization led me in part to create the "I Leaf My State / Province" design—a subtle yet powerful way to spark conversations and dismantle the stigma surrounding cannabis use.

But there was more... 👀


The Spark of Inspiration

The inspiration for this design came from a personal incident involving friends in Michigan who faced discrimination due to their cannabis lifestyle.

My husband and I dedicated an entire weekend to create over 70 designs representing every U.S. state and Canadian province and territory.

This labor of love resulted in a unique line of apparel that does more than just clothe your bare skin—it starts conversations and challenges societal norms 🙌.


Support from Communities

I am incredibly grateful for the support from communities and individuals who have rallied behind Rep Your State of Mind.

The Cannabis Coaching Institute, where I served as a mentor, and the Women Empowered Cannabis Advocates Network, founded by my friend Kirstie Chadsey, played crucial roles in spreading the word about my designs and supporting my mission 💕.


Commitment to Charities

Supporting charities like NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and Patients for Safe Access is not just a business decision but a personal commitment to broader advocacy goals that are close to my heart.

A portion of every purchase made at Rep Your State of Mind goes towards these causes, aligning my business with wider advocacy goals.

The more I sell, the more I can give, which helps me devote myself to the cause💯.


What’s Coming Up This Season

I’m so excited to share what’s coming up this season.

The podcast will feature 12 episodes packed with inspiring stories and valuable insights.

You can look forward to interviews with exciting individuals in the cannabis community, including canna moms and Pride advocates.

I’ll also introduce three generations of my family, who are now involved in making cannabis-infused products, demonstrating my most personal and cherished achievement in this space: the impact of my advocacy on my own family 🥰.


Introducing Club Rep

In addition to the podcast, I’m thrilled to introduce Club Rep, a membership community for like-minded individuals.

Club Rep will host virtual and in-person meetings, starting with an event in Las Vegas this July 24th-26th to explore the normalization and destigmatization of legal cannabis consumption lounges.

Another exciting event planned is a session in Santa Cruz with Ashley Manta, the CannaSexual, a renowned figure in the pleasure and cannabis space 🤗


Join the Movement

My journey from a cannabis health coach to an apparel brand owner is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in driving social change.

To wrap up, I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast, follow Rep Your State of Mind on Instagram, and visit our website for more information.

This is more than just a podcast—it’s a movement aimed at changing perceptions and advocating for a more accepting society.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure 🙏.

Wear your advocacy, join the movement, and tune in to the Rep Your State of Mind podcast 🎧.


Let's make a difference together 💪!


Love 💚 and Miracles ✨,


P.S. Don't miss our first episode—available now on YouTube, Spotify, IHeartRadio and everywhere you listen to podcasts (or soon will be!)! 🌿🎙️

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